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    Accelerating growth

    CEE is an unique ecosystem, that brings together great engineers, designers and humanists. To help it become effective environment that engages those talents wisely, we need to learn how to collaborate and how to implement the best practices in the tech and creative industry. Accelerator is to help you figure out how to succeed in building game- changing, international business by delivering value and innovating.  

    About The Program

    Who can benefit?

    • startup, 
    • small or middle sized company from CEE,
    • entrepreneurs & inventors

    we can help you connect with innovative ecosystem and help work out on product & growth strategy

    Register to the program filing one simple form.

    How the program looks like?

    You get your main consultant that is your guide through the innovative ecosystem and can help you work out on your development path by connecting you with international experts:

    -1-20 individual sessions and workshops with experts in the field of: product and growth

    -representation in the US with access to new clients, partners, investors and networks. 

    How we differ from other accelerators?

    • by running our own acceleration process (acceleration 2.0),
    • very pragmatic and lean, minimum formalities, maximum value,
    • operate in two hubs: Cracow and San Francisco, 
    • with two executive teams and growing community of product experts,
    • ecosystem and systems thinking approach that brings tangible results,
    • AND this program is for free once you're in.

    6 main gains:

    Individual growth plan

    Each company taking part in the program will have a chance to work on their own business development strategy. Each company can receive up to 18 hours of free support in the form of: 

    • individual or group consultation, mentoring or coaching
    • participation in business workshops
    • peer to peer coaching with other CEO's and executives
    • networking events

    After signing up, your main consultant will help you design the plan and prepare next steps. 

    Individual mentoring

    Consultant that will take care of your development path will help you design how this path might look like to give you maximum value. 

    After signing up, main consultant will help you:

    • define your goals, 
    • explore accessible forms of support,
    • choose the ones that will best help you at this stage of your company's development,
    • summarize all gathered experience by the end of december 2017 in one concise strategic plan with guidelines for 2018.

    Access to international networks: investors, partners, new clients

    you can connect and consult your challenges with international mentors and experts in the field of: 

    • product, 
    • scaling and growth, 
    • business development, 
    • sales and marketing, 
    • management and leadership development, 
    • finance, 
    • HR and talent management, 
    • IT and new technologies
    • polish and international law. 

    To view full list of mentors with whom we collaborate, please visit PDD website as most of them will visit us for annual conference for innovators. 

    VIP presence during Product Development Days

    PDD is annual conference on innovation and delivering value through business. It is the biggest educational event that leverages business and product skills in Central Eastern Europe. By participating in PDD you receive 1 free VIP ticket for C-level executives from your company and access to tickets with 70% discount for all your employees. Check the program and registration for 27-30th of November 2017 in Park Inn by Radisson. 

    Ability to be represented in US by our San Francisco chapter

    From September 2017 we are officially present not only in Krakow, but also in San Francisco as part of Polish Hub. As a partner organization for Polish Investment and Trade Bureau in San Francisco we have possibilities to bridge companies registered in Strategy LAB with institutions abroad, especially in Bay Area, help with cultural adaptation or navigation through the area, together with arranging office space and meetings with potential partners and investors.

    Access to international networks: investors, partners, new clients

    As Innovators' Bridge intensely collaborates with investors (on polish and US market), numerous companies, from corporate to startup, experts, advisors, non profits, public institutions including universities, we are happy to be guides and supporters of your presence in this innovative ecosystem. 

    The more you benefit from our support, the better for Krakow. Our mission is to help companies thrive and we proudly do that. 

    Accelerator team

    Katarzyna Tyszko

    Kasia is an organization developer and solution architect. As a strategic advisor, business trainer, team and individual coach she combines both consulting and business experience and solid education and practice in leadership development and communication area. She works with top-level managers mostly in corporate environment supporting them in developing effectiveness of their teams and their personal leadership excellence. 

    Book free session with Kasia.

    Maciej Langman

    Maciej is an exquisite business analyst and strategic mind with vast experience in corporate and startup world. Executive manager specializing in evaluation and spinning up new projects.
    Maciej has expertise in setting up JVs, including obtaining concentration approvals from local (UOKiK) and European (EC) regulatory bodies. Maciej helps global top companies, startups and investors to build international growth strategies. 

    Edyta Korona

    Edyta is a business analyst, product advisor and growth strategist that can help you enter US market. For over 10 years she was working on digital products for top polish and international companies, working closely with corporations, startups and investors. She is also one of Google Developers experts on Product. Edyta opened and runs San Francisco hub, where she is responsible for programs, platforms and partnerships. 

    Book free session with Edyta.

    Paweł Hahn

    Paweł combines rare perspective of econimist, marketing specialist and graphic designer. This way he can accompany business owners and managers in fascinating way of communicating their messages and brands visually. From brand concept and company vision to daily mundane digital project management. Paweł runs Fuzz Studio - digital agency that also takes part in Strategy Lab.

    Joanna Mizińska

    Joanna is legal advisor to investors and business owners. She combines rare ability to understand strategic business perspective and operational issues necessary to safely move your business forward. Mergers and acquisitions, international chapters and restructuring your company - Joanna is good companion in helping you embrace the legal challenges of running a business.

    You - join the team

    No team is ever complete unless the mission is accomplished. 

    If you are passionate about helping others succeed as leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs and you have a proven success track of working with startups, SME's and investors, please let us know how you'd like to contribute and get involved. This invitation is all year opened for curious minds and ambitious hearts. 


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    Lead coordinator Katarzyna Tyszko +48 600 333 980



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    First srteps

    Accelerator was launched in June, 2017 thanks to support and financing of Urząd Miasta Krakowa and Innovators Bridge Foundation. It operates in Krakow and San Francisco, thanks to collaboration with Polish Hub and Polish Investment and Trade Office. 

    Accelerator is a self- financed program run by Innovators' Bridge Foundation that was started in 2014 to help innovators connect, develop and accelerate their ideas and this way leverage quality of life and enhance environment through business.